Ever wanted to venture further with your photography and new cultural experiences? Our Japan Photography Tour gives you the chance to capture the colour and movement of a unique country while experiencing the sights. 

Autumn Dates: Nov 19 - Nov 28

Spring Dates: April 5 - 14 (FULL)

4 people maximum, led by Alfonso Calero - fluent in Japanese, photographer, tutor and guide (Date Requests & Custom Itinerary Accepted) 

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Ever wanted to venture further with your photography and new cultural experiences? Our Japan Photography Tour gives you the chance to capture the colour and movement of a unique country while experiencing the sights with an experienced, Japanese speaker, guide and instructor with professional photographer Alfonso Calero.

We will learn:

  • Master Composition & Manual Settings
  • Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Landscape Photography
  • Street Portrait Photography
  • Architectural Photography
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  • Very small group 
  • Learn at your own pace one on one
  • Hand-picked BEST locations
  • Led by an experienced photographer/guide/tutor fluent in Japanese 
  • Truly authentic travel experience - a trip of lifetime!

Tour highlights:

  • Riding a Japanese bullet train
  • Visiting the famous Inari Shrine
  • Staying in traditional accommodation - a 250 year old farmhouse!
  • Seeing and photographing Nagano snow monkeys
  • Going to a bamboo grove
  • Sample fresh Japanese seafood and sushi from the fish market
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Visual Itinerary/Gallery

Autumn Leaves at Aquaducts in Kyoto

Autumn Leaves at Aquaducts in Kyoto


US$3999 twin share
US$4599 single room

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Price includes:

  • All ground transport (Japan Rail Pass)
  • All 3.5 Star Accommodation for 9 nights
  • All Tuition (6 hours per day), translating, photography, tour-guiding
  • Luggage Delivery
  • All Breakfasts

NOT included:

  • International Flights and International Hotel Transfers
  • Local Transport
  • Lunches and Dinners
  • Entrance Fees
  • Travel Insurance

International flights should be booked separately once your Tour booking is confirmed.

What to Bring: Photographic & General Gear

  • DSLR or hybrid mirrorless digital camera
  • Lens 24-70mm range
  • Tripod & Cable Release
  • Dependable Portable External Drive
  • Laptop and power supply
  • Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop
  • ND Variable Filter 
  • Up to 20 kg luggage and appropriate clothing
  • Moderate Level of Fitness is required with around 10,000-20,000 steps a day (2-4hrs)
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Detailed Itinerary

Day 0 - Tokyo Arrival

Meet at hotel in Ueno for dinner to meet group.

Day 1 & 2 - Mt. Fuji

Travel after peak hour at 10am to Fujisan Station by bus from Shinjuku. Shoot at Lake Kawaguchi from mid-afternoon to early evening. Next morning shoot at Chureito Pagoda. Back to to hotel for breakfast and checkout for travel to Kyoto.

Day 2 - 5 - Kyoto for 3 nights of temple/shrine hopping and gardens of Zen

Highlights include Fushimi Inari (Orange Gates)Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama and the Golden Temple. There will be loads of opportunities to also shoot street portraits and if we are a lucky we can meet a Geisha.

Day 5 - 7 - Kanazawa (Gardens & Castles)

The tea district and Kenrokuen gardens are two of the best spots for photography. Another must see destination is the fish market in the heart of the city. Unlike Tokyo fish market it is easier to photograph and the array of seafood from the Japan sea can be sampled for breakfast or lunch. 

Day 7- 8 -  Ainokura Village (Traditional Farmhouse)

The Unesco heritage village will be our stop for the night staying in a 250 year old farmhouse in traditional accommodation. This will be a truly unique experience.

Day 8- 10 - Nagano (Monkeys)

On arrival in Nagano city we will visit the largest temple Zenkouji and the preserved warehouses nestled in the area. The next morning we will take a bus and short (30 minutes) forest walk  to the Jigokudani National Park where the famous snow monkeys rest in the hot springs.


Deposit and Cancellation Policy (per person)

  • A deposit of $US1000 (AUD$1350) per person is required to secure booking
  • Via Bank Transfer
  • Cancellation More than 120 days before a trip: 100% refund of deposit.
  • Cancellation Between 120 and 30 days: 50% refund 
  • Cancellation Less than 30 days: 0% refund
  • Final payment is due 120 days before the workshop/trip starts.


”In November 2014 i joined his photo tour of Japan and now i am planning a to go on his photo tour of Tasmania . He also does trips to Spain and the Philippines. When I travel my interest is Photography and I search out the best photo tours available. I highly recommend Alfonso as one on the best photographer’s, trip organiser’s and a genuine nice person to be with on a trip.” Walter

”I went to the Japan trip with Alfonso and had a great time. Alfonso is a great mentor and tour guide. Because it is not a big group, we were able to spend one on one time with him and take some great shots.” Jeanie

”I am looking at my photo book that I produced on my trip to Japan in Nov with Alfonso. I have learned a lot. The trip with Alfonso allowed me to focus on my photography and not have to worry about the stresses which usually accompany an overseas trip to a foreign, non english speaking land. Alfonso’s intimacy with Japan allowed us to experience the sights, people and the food, many a fleeting tourist fails to see. My book has photos that remind me of this, they are the results of teaching,nurturing and thought rather than random snaps. I am very happy with my trip, with the whole experience and would not hesitate recommending Alfonso to anyone wishing to participate in a Photography tour” Kevin

”The arrangements for Japan, Spain and The Philippines was hassle free due to Alfonso’s knowledge of both countries and ability to converse fluently in all languages. The internal transport arrangements, the accommodation and the eating arrangements in all countries, especially Japan and Spain, were efficient and without incident which made the tours most enjoyable. On both tours I received valuable guidance and assistance in the use of my cameras and lenses and still apply his valuable tips in composing my photos. The production of the photo book using some of the photos of Japan entailed quite a bit of work and was very satisfying to see the final product. The highlight for all tours was going to locations which were not normally visited by tourists particularly in the Philippines where we went to fairly remote areas.” Ian

”I am still dreaming of our beautiful trip, everything went well for us and both Miggy and I enjoyed ourselves very much.Thank you for being so attentive to us, and looking after us .You did a marvellous job with your tour, congratulations for a job well done! It is difficult to pick just one highlight of the tour. I think the whole trip was a continuos experience of sights/sounds/ cultural and gastronomic wonders. Each day presented new wonders and delights. You have opened doors I would not have ventured in on my own. Your knowledge of the language and culture gave me confidence in a strange land. What a wonderful way to see Japan.I learned a lot about the camera and how to use it in different circumstances. Thanks to your eye for fine detail, I think overall I learned a lot about composition.” Uko

My mother and I decided to start taking our photography seriously, so we booked with Alfonso to take us on his Alpine Japan photo tour. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever had! Alfonso’s knowledge of Japan (he speaks fluent Japanese too!) and his constant tutorage about photography made this trip a wonderful voyage of exploration and wonderment from the very second we took off. We only had a small group, so Alfonso was able to really give us a lot of attention and his sense of fun and wicked sense of humour was contagious. I’ve taken on board all he showed me, and I must say my photos have never looked so good. He shows you what to look for in a photo, and has changed the way I look at the world around me. I totally recommend any trip with Alfonso. In fact I am trying to book my next trip with him...maybe Spain? Mig

”I was fortunate to go on a photography tour of Japan led by Alfonso Calero. Alfonso is fluent in several languages, including Japanese. This was exceptionally helpful in Japan, where nearly all the signs are in Japanese and where English is not readily spoken. We were able to travel safe in the knowledge that we had someone who could communicate fully with the locals, and who was able to read all the signs in order for us to travel efficiently around the country. Alfonso taught us some Japanese phrases. When we used them, our efforts were very much appreciated by the locals. Each day of the tour was a highlight. Although I had a dreadful head cold and felt pretty awful for most of the tour, I couldn’t wait to get going each day, as each day seemed to be better than the day before! Beautiful scenery in the places we travelled to, an incredible number of landscapes, people, architecture and food to photograph. The locations Alfonso had chosen for us to photograph were truly stunning and showed Japan to its best advantage. Alfonso was incredibly patient with every person on the tour and was always cheerful. Nothing phased him. Actually, I think he has the patience of a saint, and he really loves his job! We were challenged each day, learning new techniques to use the camera and improve our photography. My photography improved out of sight! “ Mercedes

”My wife, Merrilyn and I went on a photographic tour of Japan in November with Alfonso who had lived in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese. We both used Pentax Digital SLR cameras on manual settings with Alfonso instructing.The beauty of having someone as knowledgeable as Alfonso was wonderful as he was able to assist us in how to look for the best shots possible.The other great asset of traveling with Alfonso was his knowledge of spoken Japanese and ability to talk to the average person in the street .We also met a number of Alfonso’s friends who took great delight in taking us to their local area,bars and eating establishments that the average tourist would never find.I would recommend anyone to join Alfonso’s Japan Photography Tour.” David & Merrilyn
— Trip Advisor & Facebook Reviews
For exclusive/private tour with your friends and non photographer partners(min 3, max 6), please feel free to contact us.