How many people minimum and maximum per group session? 

2 minimum and 8 maximum. We will email you 3 days before to request to postpone to another suitable date if we only have your single booking.

If there is only 1 person booked can we still go ahead?

Yes if you don't mind doing a private session for 2 hours instead of 3. You will still cover all learning material and all photo locations and you won't be charged extra for a private session. You can also choose to postpone if you would prefer to be in a group.

Will you re-schedule if it is raining?

We will notify you up to two hours before. Please provide us a contact mobile number. We will try and give you as much notice as possible. In most cases we will not cancel. Rain or shine we'll be fine if you bring the following items to keep you and your camera dry. Umbrella, small towel, plastic bag, good walking shoes & raincoat. On some tours we will visit areas where you will be undercover or indoors.

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What level of experience do I need for the day session? 

All levels of experience welcome but would suggest you start with a day course before you jump into a night session which requires a little more manual control.

What level of experience do I need for the night session? 

 Would suggest you do the day session first if you are an absolute beginner. Bring your tripod.

Can minors under 16 years of age join the workshop? 

Minors (From 8-15 years) must be accompanied by an adult unless written consent is given before hand (12-15 years).

Minors and adults are charged at the same price.

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Can I take my companion on a tour without a camera to tag along for free? 

No. In fairness to all customers, each participant must be a paying attendee and be ready to work with their camera and benefit from the full tour or course.

If a date doesn't show up in the booking schedule what does that mean? 

It means we have sold out for that day or it is not available.

Are there any discounts for private group bookings? 

Yes, please look at private lessons group booking events listed in each city. From 3- 6 people prices are $499 and from 1- 2 people $299. 

What level of fitness is required? 

We will be walking up and down stairs slowly so wheelchair access is limited. Please let us know if you have any special requirements beforehand.

Gift Voucher - Gift Card

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I recently purchased a gift voucher that I would like to redeem, can I use this voucher in any city on the day or night session?
Yes if it is the same value. The only vouchers that can be used on a day or night session are the ones purchased directly from this website but may be open to changing after you have redeemed from another site.

I have a voucher code, where and how do I redeem and book?

Once you have chosen the course, time and date, you will have the option to add your voucher number which will give you a credit for the same value when booking.

If I buy a gift voucher can the recipient choose which workshop or course to do after?

Yes, when the gift card or vouchers are ready to be used, the voucher code is typed in after a course, and date has been chosen. The total price will credit the value of the course. For example, if you change your gift card from a day to a night course (same $99 value) or change from one city to another it will be fine. If you have any trouble please email me and I can book it for you.

Technical & Creative

Will I learn some technical skills like aperture & shutter speed?

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Yes, you will learn the basics and beyond. If time allows then feel free to ask your tutor any other questions.

What sort of lens will I need? 

Any lens you have will be fine with a range from 18 - 70mm for day or night sessions.

Will I learn about composition and creativity?

Most definitely you will be learning both at the same time. You will be given some challenges to put theory into practice.

Cancellation or Postponement

What is your Cancellation Policy? 

We require at least 3 days notice for a full refund on city tours (Except for Gift Vouchers). If you cancel with less than 3 days notice we cannot provide a refund. 

Payment must be made in full prior to commencement of the tour. In case of inclement weather, class meeting point may be rescheduled and participants will be notified. Name changes are allowed so you are welcome to pass on your booking to anyone else.


Beginner Courses

Day Courses in 5 Cities for beginners in a group session will allow you master composition and learn the basic manual settings in a fun learning environment.

Private Courses

Are you a better learner one on one or with a friend? A private session will allow you to fast track your learning and pick a time place and make a list of wht exactly you would like to learn.

Night Courses

Night Courses in 5 cities are for those with a little more than basic knowledge on their manual settings. Now it's time to go fully manual with a tripod as being an essential part of capturing better quality images. At night everything changes in the world of photography.