The Faroe Islands Photo Tour

Join me on a landscape Photo Tour of the Faroe Islands and Copenhagen. An archipelago between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic, about halfway between Norway and Iceland, 320 kilometres (200 miles) north-northwest of Scotland. The islands are an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. The Tour includes 2 nights in Copenhagen and 7 nights in the Faroe Islands. Its unique scenery and isolation are what make it a must see destination to tick off your bucket list.

August 20 - 29

May 30 - June 8

4 People max led by Alfonso Calero - photographer, tutor and guide (Date Requests Accepted)

Faroe Islands Photo Tour


US$4999 (Twin Share)

US$5499 (Single)

Shared Bathroom

Price includes:

  • All ground transport

  • All 3.5 Star Accommodation

  • All Tuition (6 hours per day), photography, tour-guiding & driving

NOT included:

  • Flights and Hotel Transfers

  • All Meals

  • Entrance Fees

  • Travel Insurance

Flights should be booked separately once your Tour booking is confirmed.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 & 2 - In Copenhagen we will spend two days doing photo walks around this fabulous city of bicycles. Canal boat tours and long photo walks will provide us a great insight of why this has been voted one of the best cities in the world to live. 

 Royal Danish Library

Royal Danish Library

Faroe Islands Photo Tour

Day 3 - On our first day on the island of Vagar we shall photograph 3 key locations as pictured above and below. From the village of Bøur is a village in the Sørvágur Municipality of the Faroe Islands, 4 km west of Sørvágur, with a population of 75 is where you can get this view. From Bøur to Gandasalur is a 10 minute drive. They have recently marked the cliff top walk to the cascading Mulafossur Waterfall to avoid accidents. If some torrential rain has come and high tide is hitting the coastline you can get some atmospheric shots. In the village of Sandavagur you can take short walk along the cliff face to see the witches finger.

 Eidi Sunset

Eidi Sunset

Day 4 - On the island of Streymoy our 3 key locations will be Saksun, Vestmanna & Tjornuvik. All with their own charm and difference.          

Faroe Islands Photo Tour
 Mulafossur Waterfall

Mulafossur Waterfall

Faroe Islands Photo Tour
Faroe Islands Photo Tour

Day 5 -  Eysturoy Island 3 key locations will be Elduvik, Funnigur & Eidi via Gjogv. Depending on the amount of rainfall waterfalls can be found everywhere along our long and winding roads through the treeless mountains. Many small villages also provide picturesque shots of the small fishing boats.

Day 6 -  On the Islands of Kalsoy, Vidoy and Burdoy we will focus on some locations that require at least a 2 hour return hike and a ferry ride well worth the effort. Most other locations are are reachable by car and a short walk.

 Vidareidi Church

Vidareidi Church

Faroe Islands Photo Tour

Day 7 -  Torshavn will be our base where we will also explore the culinary delights of Faroe Islands salmon and lamb cuisine. The old town and the harbour are also worth a photo walk through the small city and surrounding areas where the only trees can be found as most of The Faroe Islands are tree-less. 

Day 8 & 9 -  Back to Vagar Island we look at hiking the 8 hour return trek to Drangarnir or take a ferry to Mykines for the day to look at the possibility of seeing Puffin Birds.

Faroe Islands Photo Tour

Day 10 - On our last day on the Faroe Islands we will look at going back to some areas easily reachable by car to shoot at a different time of day and possibly new angles not previously thought of.  Our flight back will be in the early afternoon to Copenhagen.

Faroe Islands Photo Tour

Tour highlights:

  • Very small group 

  • Learn at your own pace one on one

  • Hand-picked BEST locations

  • Led by an experienced photographer/guide/tutor - Alfonso Calero

  • Truly authentic travel experience - a trip of lifetime!

Faroe Islands Photo Tour
Faroe Islands Photo Tour
  • Watching the sunset at Eiði

  • Staying in a grass roofed cottage

  • Exploring the dramatic landscapes

  • Experiencing unpredictable with moody effects.

  • Discover why the Faroe Islands has been compared to Iceland.

  • Chasing the fog and low clouds of an ever changing environment.

  • fascinating country , language and culture.

  • Interacting with locals to learn more about their lifestyle and how they survive in such a harsh environment.

  • travelling in a very small group gives us the freedom to adapt and work serendeptiously.

If you love travel and photography, our Faroe Islands Photography Tour is a chance to experience some of the world's most spectacular landscapes while learning to photograph it. 

What to Bring: Photographic & General Gear

  • DSLR or hybrid digital camera

  • Wide angle lens 18-24mm range

  • Tripod & Cable Release

  • Dependable Portable External Drive

  • Laptop and power supply

  • Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop

  • ND Variable Filter 10 stops

  • Up to 20 kg luggage and appropriate clothing

  • Moderate Level of Fitness is required with around 10,000-20,000 steps a day (2-4hrs) and uneven surfaces

We will learn:

  • Master Composition

  • Landscape Photography

  • Seascape Photography

  • Waterfall Photography

  • Advanced Editing Techniques

Deposit and Cancellation Policy (per person)

  • A deposit of $US1000 per person is required to secure booking

  • Cancellation More than 120 days before a trip: 100% refund 

  • Cancellation Between 120 and 30 days: 50% refund

  • Cancellation Less than 30 days: 0% refund

  • Final payment is due 120 days before the workshop/trip starts.