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Japan Spring Photography Tour

A carefully mapped out route to best capture the blossoms. It is difficult to predict the weather but with this itinerary you are certain to capture them somewhere along our path. If this is your first or second time in Japan, I will make sure to show you a new perspective.

All my customers I mentor for life. Join me on a trip of a lifetime. The Itinerary allows for steady pace not rushed. This will be a mix of Crazy Osaka business and rural Japan’s spirituality. Discover how Japan’s Shinto and Buddhism live in Harmony. Explore the Kumanodo ancient pilgrim walks that are fast gaining popularity.

Reflections of Neon in Namba, Osaka

Reflections of Neon in Namba, Osaka

Spring Dates: March 22 - 31, 2020

3 min & 6 people max, led by Alfonso Calero - fluent in Japanese, photographer, tutor and guide.


US$3999 twin share
US$4599 single room

Price includes:

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

  • All ground transport

  • All 3 Star Accommodation for 9 nights

  • All Tuition (6 hours per day), translating, photography, tour-guiding

  • Luggage Delivery x 1 location

  • All Breakfasts

NOT included:

  • International Flights and International Hotel Transfers

  • Local Transport (i.e. taxis, bus & hire car)

  • Lunches and Dinners

  • Entrance Fees

  • Travel Insurance

International flights should be booked separately once your Tour booking is confirmed.

Japan Photo Tour Itinerary

Dotonbori, Namba, Osaka

Dotonbori, Namba, Osaka

Day 1 (March 22) Osaka - Tour commences after breakfast at our hotel. On our first day we will visit Osaka Aquarium. At night the entertainment areas of Namba and Tsutenkaku come alive with the true essence of neon Nippon. The Kansai spirit has a different energy to Tokyo. We will learn different creative techniques to capture the vibe and energy of Osaka. Street portrait chances may also be available.

Umeda Sky Building designed by Hiroshi Hara.

Umeda Sky Building designed by Hiroshi Hara.

Day 2 (March 23) Osaka - Osaka humour is infectious and unlike any other part of Japan. Armed with a tripod and our cameras the photo opportunities here are uniquely flamboyant. On our second day we will capture the sunset views from Umeda Sky building.

Nara’s local basketball team are called Bambitious.

Nara’s local basketball team are called Bambitious.

Day 3 (March 24) Nara - A city of ancient temples and sacred deer that roam the city like cows in India. They are looked after and are very tame and friendly. Highlights in Nara are Todaiji Temple, Nara Park, Kasuga Taisha Forest & Shrine. Many opportunities to capture spontaneous shots with deer, street portraits and traditional architecture.

Day 4 (March 25) Nara As an ancient capital city of Japan, Nara City is filled with breathtaking historical sites and artifacts. It was here during the Nara period of Japan's history (710 to 794) that many Chinese influences made their way into Japan, including the heavy adoption of Buddhism. Being such a historically significant place, Nara is home to 8 sites that collectively form the "Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara" a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another highlight if we are lucky with the weather is to visit Nigatsudo (temple) at sunset.

Photogenic Deer in Nara

Photogenic Deer in Nara

Nigatsudo Sunset

Nigatsudo Sunset

Day 5 (March 26)  Ise Grand Shrine & Meoto Iwa also known as the wedded rocks celebrate the union in marriage of man and woman. The city is home to the Ise Shrines (Ise Jingu), Japan's most sacred Shinto shrines. The Ise Shrines consist of two major shrines that stand several kilometers apart from each other, the Inner Shrine (Naiku) and the Outer Shrine (Geku), and over a hundred smaller shrines spread across the region.

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Dorokyo Gorge, Wakayama

Dorokyo Gorge, Wakayama

Day 6 (March 27) Before leaving Ise city we will visit the inner shrine (Naiku) for an early morning shoot of the bridge and majestic forest trees. After breakfast we will head South to Kii- Katsuura in Wakayama prefecture. During our 2 night visit, we will explore Nachi Falls & Dorokyo Gorge.

Nachi Falls

Nachi Falls

Day 7 (March 28) Pilgrim walks in Kumanokodo are a Japanese version of the Spanish Camino trail. The majestic Nachi falls coupled with the nearby shrine are the perfect backdrop in the mystical mountains.

Kumano Kodo Pilgrim Route

Kumano Kodo Pilgrim Route

Day 8 (March 29) In the morning before departing Kii-Katsuura we will go on a short Kumanodo Pilgrim walk. Our next stop will be Kushimoto which is a short journey from Kii- Katsuura where we will spend the night.

Kii Katsuura Seascapes

Kii Katsuura Seascapes

Day 9 (March 30) After a sunrise shoot at Hashiguiiwa near Kushimoto we will make our way to Wakayama city. After lunch we will also explore Wakayama Castle & Kimidera Temple.

Kimidera Temple, Wakayama

Kimidera Temple, Wakayama

Day 10 (March 31) On our final day at Kuroshio Fish Market we will watch a Tuna Fish filleting show to capture images of a fish monger in action.

Long Tunnel near Dorokyo Gorge

Long Tunnel near Dorokyo Gorge

Deposit and Cancellation Policy (per person)

  • A deposit of $US1000 per person is required to secure booking

  • Via Bank Transfer

  • Cancellation More than 120 days before a trip: 100% refund of deposit.

  • Cancellation Between 120 and 30 days: 50% refund

  • Cancellation Less than 30 days: 0% refund

  • Final payment is due 120 days before the workshop/trip starts.

Japan Photo Tours Spring

What to Bring: Photographic & General Gear

  • DSLR or hybrid mirrorless digital camera

  • Lens 24-70mm range

  • Tripod & Cable Release

  • Dependable Portable External Drive

  • Laptop and power supply

  • Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop

  • ND Variable Filter 6 & 10 stops.

  • Up to 20 kg luggage and appropriate clothing

  • Moderate Level of Fitness is required with around 10,000-20,000 steps a day (2-4hrs)

Tour highlights:

Kamikura Jinja - Kumano Kodo Pilgrim Route

Kamikura Jinja - Kumano Kodo Pilgrim Route

  • Nara Deer Park

  • Visiting the famous Grand Shrine in Ise

  • Spiritual Journey of Shinto Religion

  • Night Photography in Osaka City

  • Shooting unique seascapes

  • Sushi Breakfast and Tuna Cutting Demonstration

  • Very small group

  • Learn at your own pace one on one

  • Hand-picked BEST locations

  • Led by an experienced photographer/guide/tutor fluent in Japanese

  • Truly authentic travel experience - a trip of lifetime!

Kuroshio Market, Wakayama

Kuroshio Market, Wakayama

We will learn:

  • Master Composition & Manual Settings

  • Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Landscape Photography

  • Street Portrait Photography

  • Architectural Photography