Brisbane Photography Courses

Travel photography courses in Brisbane. Unleash your creativity along Brisbane river at sunset or meander the city streets during the day.

Gift Cards also available if you are not sure which date to choose. Learn how to shoot in manual modes and master composition with your DSLR or smartphone (Android/IPhone).

Brisbane Photo Courses

Smartphone Photography Course

Got a nice smartphone but not taking advantage of the amazing features on your camera? This course focuses on the incredible advantages of a small device to capture and edit your best shots. An inspiring learning adventure.

Price: $99.

Approx. 3 hours

Brisbane Photo Courses

Day Photography Course

Learn to get off auto mode! You will gain confidence and become comfortable with various camera settings as you learn how to select Shot and Subject Matter, as well as do's and don't's of Digital Photography, all whilst experiencing the best of Brisbane

Price: $99. Approx. 3 hours

Brisbane Photo Courses

Night Photography Course

Get off auto mode and shoot in manual mode the cityscape. Control ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture creatively. Master Composition and walk away with the confidence to shoot in low light.

Price: $99. Approx. 2.5 hours

Brisbane Photo Courses

Day and Night Photography Course

This workshop is a combination between an afternoon (3 hour) introductory session and an evening (3 hour) session. Tripod only needed for night session.

Price: $199. Approx. 6 hours

Brisbane Photo Courses

Private Photography Workshop

Learn how to get off "Auto" Mode, gain confidence, become comfortable with various Camera Settings. You can make a wish list of all the points you would like to learn. Let me know which genres of travel photography you enjoy most.

Price: from $299 (2 people). Approx. 3 hours

Worth every penny - This course was money well spent. the tutor was very patient and taught us so much in 3 hrs! if you want to learn great tips in Night Photography i recommend you do one of these evening courses. i have not done the day course but I can imagine is would be just as good.
— Trip Advisor Review

Nikky - Brisbane

Nikki is a Brisbane based commercial photographer specialising in event, portrait and wedding photography with a Bachelor Degree in Photography from Griffith University in Southbank, Brisbane. Trip Advisor review: Nikky was a great host and tutor and very informative throughout. We covered a good range of subjects from basic settings to slightly more complex settings, but nothing too taxing. Good subjects had been picked out by Nikky and we spent a fair bit time at each one and never rushed.